Innovation Made Easy

Capture, develop and prioritize ideas with one platform

How It Works

Concordiar engages your entire organization, generates solutions for development and delivers measurable impacts


Launch Engaging Challenges

Engage your stakeholders with customisable, time-bound innovation challenges

• Time-bound, targeted engagement for optimal participation
• Frame your problems clearly with our flexible challenge creation feature

Get Focused Ideas

Help users communicate the true value of their ideas through content-rich submission

• Collect ideas specific to each innovation challenge
• Elaborate on idea submissions by attaching videos, pictures and other meaningful content


Collaborate & Solve Real Problems

Encourage cross-disciplinary co-creation from different perspectives for value solutions

• Collaborate across organizational silos and pitch preliminary ideas
• Understand the challenge better and trigger new ideas with high user interactivity in challenge-specific forums
• Earn recognition for skills demonstrated in each innovation challenge through intuitive peer ratings

Evaluate Ideas Easily

Combine expert evaluation to prioritize brilliant ideas and make smart decision

• Invite subject matter experts to leverage on their domain expertise and ensure stringent judging
• Evaluate ideas easily through pre-announced evaluation criteria
• Surface brilliant ideas fast through crowd validation


Deliver Measurable Innovation Impacts

Ground your innovation efforts with measurable KPIs tracked on our Management Dashboard

• Optimise resource allocation with innovation and skill maps within your organization
• Maximize business intelligence with built-in dashboards, reporting and analytics to evaluate all the elements of your program
• Identify top innovators easily and get actionable insights on overall engagement levels

Use Cases

Open Innovation

Source solutions and technologies worldwide

Open to selected industries, user expertise

Create sustainable innovation communities

Enterprise Innovation

Central hub for ideas

Enterprise wide collaboration

New growth avenues

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

A culture of engagement

A voice for employee ideas

Employee driven innovation

Our Features

Dedicated to a systematic innovation management process


Flexible Challenge Creation

Build your innovation challenges based on your organization’s problem statements. Broadcast challenges discover ideas and easily source specific solutions to solve problems.

Team Collaboration

Invite users across departments to build a cross-functional team for a multi-perspective approach to problem statements using a diverse pool of knowledge and skills

Idea Evaluation & Expert Evaluation

Leverage your workforce to highlight valuable ideas to be evaluated by appropriate experts on the subject who help to narrow the choices and drive workflow

Idea Crowdvoting & Interaction

Engage your workforce by gathering their feedback on challenges and ideas through public comments or “thumbs up”, “thumbs down” features that reflect sentiment

Talent Assessment

Identify and qualify potential stars in a team context within your workforce using our skill set rating tools, allowing users to rate skills on a star-based system

Management Dashboards & Analytics

Maximize resource efficiency and allocation with management dashboards and built-in analytics to illustrate and evaluate all the elements of your innovation programs

Interested To Kickstart Your Innovation?

Consult our experts on how to launch innovation challenges to meet your business goals